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Education Solutions


Elite understands that schools need to have timely cash flow! Systems optimization allows your organization to work smarter — not harder! Elite can help you implement systems, processes and procedures that will immediately impact your operations. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to somebody that can.

Financial Aid Services

  • Assist in writing applications for state licensing.

  • Prepare for site visits.

Registrar Services

  • Optimize Registrar efficiency through systems improvement

  • Provide templates for student files

  • Student, faculty or staff file compliance audits

  • SAP evaluation and training

  • Data integrity reviews

Campus Operation Services

  • 3rd party Placement verification service

  • Train leaders to effectively manage by using Campus Nexus reports

  • Utilize NSLDS and National Student Clearinghouse to find departmental inefficiencies and implement processes and procedures to rectify

"I found Lisa to be intelligent, diplomatic, decisive, outgoing and very successful in all operations related to proprietary education. I am personally successful working as an Executive Director as a result of receiving a recommendation for promotion based on Lisa’s evaluation of my performance and credentials. I have no reservations in giving my highest recommendation in support of Lisa. I fully expect her to continue to excel as a leader in education." 

Terry Nesbitt, Higher Education Management

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Changing Accreditors
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Accreditation & Licensing
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Academic Solutions
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FA & Records Management
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New Start Up Schools
business, technology and office concept
Acquisitions & Closures
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