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Elite understands that these are tumultuous times for school owners. When some schools pare back or restructure, others are provided with acquisition opportunities. Unfortunately, sometimes restructuring or selling is not an option and a school needs to make the difficult decision to close. Acquisitions and closures are wrought with emotions and need to be handled carefully with confidentiality and professionalism. Call to find out more about Elite’ Acquisition and Closure Services.

Acquisition Services

Don’t overpay for your acquisition. Let Elite find the weaknesses that are not easily uncovered by just looking at financial data. Our Due Diligence package will let you buy with your eyes wide open.

  • Review of data and file integrity

  • Student ledger account reconciliation

  • Academic progression

  • Student GPAs

  • Average class sizes

  • Complaints

  • Daily attendance averages

  • Status postings and more

Closure Services

When you have evaluated every other alternative and realize that you are forced to close, let Elite assist you to develop and execute a smooth, compliant closure plan. We will help you navigate the complex closure processes of the Department of Education, your accreditor, and the states to ensure that your wind-down is as least disruptive to your students as possible, thereby minimizing your exposure.

  • Closure planning and timeline

  • Communications development

  • Development of teach-out plans

  • Location of teach-out and transfer partners

  • Notifications to accreditors, states, ED, and other agencies

  • Student transition planning

"I worked with Lisa Bacon during the time she served as the President of the Nashville Auto Diesel. While at NADC, she is was able to bring the different stakeholders together to accomplish the goals that were set by LES. She has the ability to "do the right thing" as she leads a organization. Lisa is a true "game changer". 

Walter Pruitt, Regional Manager, Nashville Auto Diesel College

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