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Operation Solutions

There’s no substitution for industry dedicated knowledge and experience.  However, we understand that knowledge and experience in the operational detail involving your school and campuses throughout the world of higher education means little unless both staff and students are empowered to realize their potential. 

When clients partner with Elite, you get—a "true" partner. A partner that will proceed by appreciating your schools culture, personnel and company wide objectives prior to developing a custom fit plan that will satisfy your specific objectives. Many times this includes providing the insight, reference materials, training aids and ongoing feedback that's necessary to maintain and continually developing professional growth.

Below is a brief sampling of the areas and/or topics we address utilizing this industries best practices. 


Elite's Admission Manuals and Materials:  

"Best Practices - Plus™" Staff Training and "Best Leadership Practices - Plus™" Leadership Development Programs

  • Adult Brick & Mortar - Campus Based Staff Manual

  • High School Admissions & Marketing Manual

  • In-Home Regionally or Nationally Based Admissions Manual

  • Online Admissions Manual

  • Admissions Manager / Leadership Manual 



Power Point Presentations

  • Management / Leadership

  • All Phases of Developing Admission Professionals

  • Inside - Out Marketing:  Strategic Planning & Development

  • Personal Inquiry Development & Strategic Planning

  • High School Marketing Presentations


Video Conference Training, Coaching and Consulting Options 

  • Though the impact of onsite training, coaching and consulting is always preferred it's not always practical. Video conferencing has become invaluable to many schools, managers and staff.

  • Now schools don't need to wait to get first hand information on the need to know info you need to know...stay connected. 


Mystery Shop Critiques

  • Our shopping critiques act as an important resource of information that will aid the reps professional development (optional)

  • Audio and Video Taping provides a visual aid to both reps and managers alike

  • Phone shop transcription 

Operation Management 

  • Revenue Generation

  • Team Building Strategy and Implementation

  • Call Center Management

“She's a true leader, developing a "followership" in her people by being fair and accessible while still recognizing the need to create results.” 

Larry Brown, Senior Advisor

Board of Directors

"Bill has a proven track record for increasing enrollments andtraining admission personnel. His systems and results provide asolid background for admissions."

Jan Friedheim, Partner

Education Systems & Solutions

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