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Compliance Solutions


Since 1997 Elite has been performing the most thorough, informative and transparent Mystery Shops and Campus Assessment services in the industry.  Our mission is to alert you to any possible compliance concerns, provide the audio and/or video documentation, compose our findings in an assessment review or critique. Then, at your request, present viable solutions. We're confident that these learning tools, reports and expert insights will promote the changes or adjustments that are necessary for rapid improvement.      

Mystery Shopping

Phone and/or Interview Shopping - for Compliance & Training Purposes


More than ever schools need know what their staff are saying and how they’re saying it. The day of assuming they’re on track and going to stay on track are over. We give schools reassurance as well as one of the best admissions training tools imaginable. Along with a recorded call, clients have the option of receiving the call transcribed and critiqued by our Elite compliance team.  


  • Good admissions reps have a passion to excel.  Can you think of an easier way to help them instantly improve or reinforce their expertise, than by giving them the opportunity to hear and/or see how they sound and present themselves on a call or interview?

  • As managers, we have very busy schedules yet we know taking the time to feedback is critical to improving performance.   Mystery shopping is a small investment of time and money to get the chance to acknowledge your rep for the great job they did on that prospect call, or for their great interview with the new prospect!  Plus you can provide the audio or video documentation for them to see for themselves too!

  • Although your conversion rates are good, can they improve?  Mystery shopping provides an objective way for you to see how and where you can increase the effectiveness of your system.

  • You pay to record all your calls.  (1) Are you or someone else listening to them?  (2) A key difference between a mystery shop and a recorded call is the mystery shop can be directed to cover your areas of concern.  A prospect may or may not ask the right questions to uncover the mystery you want to have revealed.

  • You know your school and your reps but would it be helpful to get out of the box thinking by reviewing a critique by an objective 3rd party with 30+ years of industry experience and who has worked with hundreds of schools and thousands of reps?  Mystery shopping is a small price to pay for such a valuable tool!


At Elite Consultants, we respect your school, your reps and your goals.  We value your confidence and business and provide a service to assist you in reaching your goals. 

Elite Mystery Phone Shopping
Elite Mystery Interview Shopping
Elite - Compliance Solutions

Campus Assessment Solutions

Focused on Compliance and Self-Improvement Awareness within Admissions, Marketing, Image and Student Satisfaction/Retention   


Have you ever had concerns about the things you don't know for certain? Things like compliance assurance, admissions performance, marketing effectiveness, the schools projected image and even the dip in student retention?  You're not alone. Knowing the good, bad and ugly truth can be liberating.  We critique, evaluate, observe, review and feel the pulse of what's really happening in order for you to take the necessary corrective action.  We include constructive insights to consider and solutions that can go a long way toward solving your challenges and self-imposed barriers.

  • Assessments can be made on-site over a 1-2 day period without interrupting the flow of the work day...a typical day in life at your school is preferred.

  • Assessments can be made off-site with the help of information and materials you provide. Though it'll be somewhat limited in scope.

  • Assessments can be selective and focus on just the areas you prefer.

  • A detailed written analysis is provided upon completion of the assessment.

  • Detailed solutions are provided upon request.

"I am pleased to provide a letter of recommendation to Maureen Clary and Elite Consulting. We have been very pleased with the mystery shopping services provided to Education Affiliates over the past 5 plus years. We make it a point to highlight very specific areas of focus and change often as needed. Elite is quick to respond, uses skilled and professional shoppers and promptly provides quality recordings and transcripts so that we may react to specific areas of opportunities of our employees." 

Tom Kartelias, SVP, Education Affiliates


“Over the past few years I have worked with Maureen on a few different projects within the admissions realm. I have spent a considerable time in my career involved with admissions, so I needed to work with someone who I felt not only got it, but understood the underlying implications of both admissions management as well as admissions training. Maureen was my choice, and as it turned out, a good choice. I have continued to work with her on different projects and she has not disappointed me in both her talent and tenacity. I recommend anyone who wants some sincere admissions support as well as a partner - get ahold of Maureen.” 
David Ruggieri, CEO Florida Technical College


"Maureen and Elite Consultant's serve as a third party validation that our admissions advisors are doing a good job representing the university to prospective students. We have worked with Maureen for several years and appreciate the good work done by her team and the thoroughness of her reports."

Mary Adams, President at American Sentinel University


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