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Admissions Solutions

Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic...Starts Here


Elite's admission solution services focus on professional development, admissions best practices - no matter the admissions strategy a customized process and formula is designed for achieving maximum results. Elite founder and CEO, Bill Clary, is a master at his craft, having trained, coached or consulted with hundreds schools and over 5,000 industry professionals. Mr. Clary's expertise covers all facets of the admissions landscape. During the present coronavirus pandemic all schools have turned to a virtual or remote format that necessitates an adjustment in how we train and execute the interview processes. Please note, the information provided on this page will be adjusted to fit today's COVID-19 needs and challenges.

Elite partners with a variety of schools, both campus based and online programs: for-profit, non-profit and private schools and colleges throughout higher education, all of our materials and training programs will be customized accordingly.

Let us know how we can help you, review below:

Admissions Consulting... 

Elite's Admissions consulting service can fulfill one or a variety of roles based on client need. Role Examples: departmental admissions and marketing strategic planner (all inclusive); ongoing trainer, coach & motivator; overseeing or staying connected with staff on a daily basis…to monitor performance, work ethic, etc.; train, mentor, monitor management development; assess other admission areas such as, high school, regional outreach, online and international; develop marketing outreach strategy; train and develop a custom-fit campaign for PDI (referral) marketing; assist in hiring and training new staff; customize admission training materials, standards, procedures, policies and day to day expectations. Bottom line…we're that trusted and experienced partner with school leadership that can be counted on to deliver a desired result.

Additional detail:    


  • Focused on Strategic Planning, Management/Leadership Development and Supporting all Corporate Staff Training and Coaching Efforts

  • Advise on the Appropriate School Wide Control Policies, Systems, Standards, Procedures and the Road Map for Exceeding Expectations

  • Identify Opportunities to Increase Efficiencies Quickly

  • Inspire Professional and Team Growth and Development 

  • Compliance and Performance Assessments - By Campus and Employee 

  • Provide Best Practices - Plus custom-fit training programs and tools: manuals/ materials;  process development

  • Provide an ongoing presence to leadership and staff through our various support services, such as Onsite Practice Sessions; Webinars; Video Conferencing; Conference Calls, etc.   

  • Furnish Weekly Newsletters that inspire Fundamental Review, Recognize, Motivate, Educate and Address Situations that Influences Productivity

  • Provide client access to Elite's full Mystery Phone and Interview Shopping Services

  • We provide Role Flexibility based on client need, here's an example of how clients have utilized our expertise: Interim Corporate, Regional, or Campus Leadership /Management; Corporate Wide Admissions Trainer for Managers and Staff; Campus Leadership/Management; Corporate or Campus Support, Mentor & Coach; Interim Campus DOA; Marketing Agent or Advisor; Compliance Trainer/Coach; High School and Online Manager/Trainer; Campus Wide Retention Trainer; All-Inclusive Involvement; etc.


Admissions Leadership Training...

We provide a wide range of training options through our Leadership Development "Best Leadership Practices - Plus™" certification programs.  Each program is customized to satisfy the needs of the school and inspire admissions management/leadership staff.  


  • Those that successfully complete our entire Best Leadership Practices - Plus program becomes a certified trainer in Admissions Best Practices - Plus!   

  • Management / Leadership Training focuses on learning the detail that Elevates Performance

  • Thinking the Game to Exceed Expectations

  • Training/Coaching/Inspiring a Winning Team

  • Owning Success by just Winning the Day

  • Control what's Controllable...Developing a PDI Business Plan to greatly increase the number of qualified inquiries your admissions team can work

  • Mastering Situational Solutions

  • Inspect what You Expect...Checks and Balances

  • Tangible and Intangible Factors that Influence Performance

  • Experience extraordinary increases in conversion rates, starts and student retention

  • Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

  • Goal Setting, Planning and Achieving

Admissions Staff Training...

We understand that training alone is not enough to maximize the potential of your staff. That’s why we have developed a training system that dives deeper into the fundamental areas that empower Professional Development through – our admissions "Best Practices - Plus™" training programs. College admissions is about admissions-prospect relationships. It’s about creating value and building trust. What we've discovered is that it's a practice more easily said than done. Our training will open eyes and minds to new level of extraordinary potential.


  • Training can be all-inclusive or topic specific

  • We support all current policies and procedures

  • Our training approach is interactive, participatory and inspiring

  • We will minimize any concerns or barriers standing in their way

  • We cover our industries Best Practices and so much more. 

  • Training will be professionally and personally empowering, raising the bar to achieve unrealized potential.

  • Teach the value of Winning and Managing the Day, not merely Reacting to it

  • Building a YOU Inc. mentality which translates into accepting responsibility for developing the methods to earn a higher qualified inquiry by delivering on their own Personally Developed Inquiry (PDI) business plan 

Additional Professional Solutions

"Jump Start" Workshops & Seminars

The presentation is extremely interactive and designed to be topic or need specific.  Fundamentally each "Jump Start" Workshop is based on material in Best Practices - Plus™ and Best Leadership Practices - Plus™.  We gave it the name “Jump Start” due to this workshop’s attention to relevant content, passionate delivery, staff interaction and inspiring message. Training tools and materials are available for all participants and event videotaping is permitted, upon request.

Option Menu:   > Brick & Mortar, High School, Online & Regional Admissions  > Proactive Marketing  > Team Building & Engagement  > Student Satisfaction & Retention  > Leadership and many other topics upon request.

Inspire your staff to achieve another level of performance, think outside the box with innovative insight that empowers professional growth and development and will engage your staff with the specific solutions that will accomplish your common objectives. 


Personal Coaching and Mentoring Sessions


PERSONAL ADMISSIONS COACHING:  Need a coach or mentor to reach your potential? Our individual Professional Admissions Growth and Development sessions can open your eyes to the possibilities both personally and professionally.  Learn what it takes to be one of the best through our Best Practices - Plus staff training programs.


PERSONAL ADMISSIONS MANAGEMENT/LEADERSHIP COACHING:  Let's face it, we can all use some personal coaching and support once in a while.  However, since you may be the person people turn to for all the answers, gaining additional information, insight and perspective can be uplifting.  Those that successfully complete our entire Best Leadership Practices - Plus program becomes a certified trainer in Admissions Best Practices - Plus

"I have had the opportunity to observe and work closely with Mr. Costa while at FTC. He has great professional insight, knowledge, interpersonal skills and brought a passion and enthusiasm to the job that was contagious."

Miriam Lopez, Assistant Director of Admissions, Florida Technical College 

“Bill is simply the best, roll up your sleeves and jump in, admissions trainer in the business. Three decades I have known Bill, and I have seen him leave legacies of strong admissions practices everywhere he has been. I have also seen the work of most of the other industry contest.”

Michael Platt, Former Executive Chairman of Plattform Advertising

"Bill is a master of his craft. His knowledge of admissions is exemplary. His ability to train new and experienced admissions representatives is outstanding. He has a calm, professional manner which leads to superb personal interactions and great relationships. I give Bill my highest recommendation." 

Douglas Dunn, Higher Education Executive

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