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Who We Are


We Are Partners in Higher Education

What we do may not be as important as why we do it. We firmly believe in the power of education and the impact it can have on individuals' futures. We are also committed to the belief that our service solutions provide a tremendous amount of value to the education professionals who are zealous to improve performance results.

Given the current climate in our industry, some believe we're at a crossroads and they question the value and pursuit of higher education. To that we reply, the value of higher education isn't the issue, the issue is the value we place on always improving and owning what we can control to create a different reality.  

  • Inspired to Help Others

We're inspired daily to help more schools, industry professionals and students to reach the level of success they aspire to achieve.  We derive a high level of satisfaction when our client's exceed their goals. It's gratifying to experience first hand the large number of education professionals we've helped to empower, grow and develop as leaders in their field. The students are the real winners, as our services have impacted every measurable metrix know in our industry. Students benefit by being more inspired to begin their journeys to success. Schools benefit by experiencing an increase in student population, a decrease in retention and a higher graduation rate. Who wouldn't be inspired when everyone wins.


  • Experienced and Trusted Partners

How or what has made Elite been so successful for 24 years? Two words "TRUST" and "RESULTS. Developing a trusting business relationship may by good enough to get us in the door but in the long run our value is only as good as the results we deliver. Results happen by design, not chance. By listening, understanding and appraising our clients' needs, objectives, challenges, barriers, culture, etc. we can zero in on the correct path that will achieve the best sustainable results for the school and the staff.


  • Prepared and Focused 

Committed. Trustworthy. Passionate. Knowledgeable. Approachable. Ethical. Inspired. Professional. When clients' partner with Elite they get it all, but those are just a few of the characteristics that defines our staff. Our team of seasoned professionals are well aware and prepared to handle all factors that often influence outcome. We approach those as an opportunity, not a distraction. 


  • Transparent and Engaged

To provide an engaging presence and transparent service that can be trusted by our client and all those that represent our client.  Deliver and maintain a highly ethical, compliant focused, professional and respectful relationship.  Keeping our client's best interests and helping them to achieve the next level of success is our top priority. 


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