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Marketing Solutions


Sustainable Inquiry Flow Happens by Design, Not Chance

The biggest challenge facing marketing leaders in education today is the ability to provide an acceptable return on their investment and efforts. In other words, what’s lacking is insight, not data.  The days of just placing an ad on Springer then kicking back to wait on inquiries to pour in are over.  Now marketing strategy must be more diverse:

  • Strategic planning, media placement and analysis

  • Innovative insights on branding, social media, SEM identity, quality control/image, in depth research and cost saving alternatives.

We help you design a strategy that works for you, while at the same time get more bang for your budgeting dollar, increase the quality of inquiries and convert a higher percentage into enrollments, starts and graduates.  

Demo - Direct Marketing

Elite develops a custom-fit marketing strategy and campaign that focused on generating an inquiry that you control, namely Personally Developed Inquiries (PDI’s) or Referrals. Training will teach your staff how get outside the daily box of reactive behavior that consists of waiting on an inquiry that come from school marketing efforts. Obviously, all inquiries have great value and must receive an immediate contact call. Now add a PDI campaign with a proactive strategy that can increase inquiries by 30-50% percent that convert higher than any other source…exciting!  

Point of note, PDI’s must be earned through interactive communication and interest that develops a feeling of trust. Please note, asking isn’t the same as earning. 

  • Demo-Direct driven inquiries convert much higher then any CDI source

  • Demo-Direct inquiries are a controllable way to reach more people

  • Demo-Direct proposes a quicker more efficient way to work

  • Demo-Direct students graduate

High School Marketing

High school admissions marketing must be strategically planned out in every detail.  


The Elite experts will provide the specific road map, training, metrics, structure, coaching and materials for a winning result. We will assist with plan implementation and monitor your staffs growth and development.  

Staff will be trained and prepared to:

  • Deliver a dynamic presentation 

  • Learn to network to expand their marketing presence to first gain entry into high schools they're not yet and second to develop their potential in already participating high schools

  • Learn the detail that's needed to maximize their admissions results  

"Mr. Clary embraces leadership opportunities, is highly recognized, and dedicated to the educational industry. While his marketing skills are impeccable, Mr. Clary is also resourceful, a crucial attribute in education. Mr. Clary and I have been affiliated on a professional level for the past four years and I strongly recommend Elite services for any organization. Mr. Clary always delivers; his superior organizational skills make him the consummate aspirant. With his inclusive approach and strong grasp of industry concepts, Mr. Clary will exceed your expectations." 

Dr. Dennis Childers, Director of Excel Learning Center


"We have utilized Elite's admissions and advertising expertise since 2000. Their ethical approach and results are unmatched in the industry.  They have brought an inspiring attitude and never imagined desire to accomplish what was once believed to be unachievable.  I would recommend Elite to anyone!"
Robert Holt, President of Timberline 1 Management

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