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The 1980's 

It was during the mid-1980's when Bill Clary realized there was something missing in the world of college admissions. Something significant. While there were several consultants conducting their own methods of sales/admissions training, there were few who offered a highly interactive and practical hands-on approach to training or materials that focused on the particular areas that placed value on processes, listening skills, student commitments...and all of the tangible and intangible factors that impact each conversion result.  Even fewer worked exclusively with higher education, in for-profit and not-for-profit institutions.




Elite Consultants Inc. was founded in 1991

In all his years, as a highly successful admissions recruiter, manager and corporate leader, Bill valued his training materials and notes from practical experiences and observations.  This accumulation of information provided Bill with a training program that was well before it's time. The opportunity to educate and inspire other admission professionals by passing on what he experienced and learned became a major motivating factor in founding Elite Consultants.  




In 1997 Elite began offering services that proved again to be well ahead of it's time, mystery phone and interview shopping, as well as campus assessments. Today, Elite provides these same services for a countless number of schools. Our approach has proven invaluable, for two reasons in particular, 1) to expose compliance concerns and 2) to provide a training tool for self-improvement and better results.


2015-Present Day


Elite Consultants has continued to evolve since those early days as we now have tremendous Full-Service capability in Admissions, Marketing, Compliance, Operations Management, Student Satisfaction/RetentionManagement Support Services and Web Design.  We have now helped over 400 colleges and literally thousands of professionals in higher education fulfill their needs, exceed expectations, reach another level of performance and many find their professional niche.

Our partnering clients are diverse:  small and large, career colleges, for-profit, not-for-profit, traditional public and private colleges and universities, and staff-interactive to corporate-interactive.  All require customized solutions that can be trusted to provide satisfactory results every time.  In this our 26th year in operation, we commit to making your interests our priority. 

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