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Mystery Shopping is giving Admissions the Positive Tool they Need! 

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Higher Education "Power Hour" Podcast Series  
Elite is conducting a series of higher education "Power Hour" Podcasts throughout 2019.  They will feature specific area based topics that have been selected through both survey's and requests from our listening audience. All episodes are recorded and be accessed by clicking on this site link.
Podcasts will feature topics of discussion in the following areas:

>Education   >Admissions   >Compliance   >Marketing   >Operations

Elite's Versatility helps support Schools in their Time of Need 
Elite's services are designed and customized to help school's with their most urgent needs. We are dedicated to supporting your biggest education needs in whatever role is necessary.   

Supporting Roles: Consulting, Training, Coaching, Mentoring or Interim Staffing

  • Operations:  School President/Director 

  • Admissions Leadership: VP of Admissions or Admissions Manager (Campus, HS, Online & National markets) 

  • Call Center: Manage, Coordinate and Strategic Plan   

  • Compliance Assurance:  Provide school assessments/audits, mystery shopping in any and all departments

  • Marketing:  Assume any support role needed and add unique strategy to what's currently in place   

Elite Training
Request an Admissions Seminar
Elite's admission seminars shares first hand experience and knowledge about our empowering approach to train and inspire both staff and management on the Best Practices and Processes for elevating individual and collective results.  

Elite has stood the test of time, having trained 500+ schools and 5,000 admission professionals. 

Seminar Topics are custom fit to each school's specific needs, they can be either conducted in person or via Zoom:

Selecting a Topic: Past examples, "Overall Best Admissions Practices Today", "Compliance...the Checks & Balances", "Creating a Winning Office Culture", "Marketing Planning & Development", "The Details behind Professional Development", "Situational Responses", "Earning Trust in the Rep-Prospect Relationship", "Living up to and Exceeding Expectations", "Admissions role in Retention", Business Planning in Admissions...that Works". Any other topic that's not listed above is acceptable.  

Hope is not a Strategy!  
Typically management will ask their staff for a strategic plan to prepare for a given year, start, month, week or even day. Just as typically their staff will respond with words that include I... "hope", "guess" and/or "think".  

How's that strategy been working for you?  Doing the same things, the same way and hoping, thinking, etc. that it'll provide a different result is a death wish. Perhaps it's not the plan but the execution of the plan that's at fault. Need solutions to those questions and so much more let us know...we provide proactive solutions that will directly impact sustainable results! 

Operation JUMP START - Inspiring Professional Development

Operation JUMP START is a series of one to two day Elite workshops designed to share valuable insights that will inspire your staff to achieve at another level of performance. 

Workshops Availability:  > Admissions  > Marketing  > Team Engagement/Building  > Student Satisfaction/Retention  > Leadership

Elite's workshops are highly innovative and interactive and will be exactly what any school or manager was looking, productive insights and tools, positive energy and a highly optimistic approach to accomplishing a common objective.    

Career College Central:  The Professionals Who are Leaving a Mark on Career Education
Making an Impact - Bill-Clary

Career College Central posed 3 challenging questions to Elite's CEO Bill Clary...


1) Given the extraordinary regulatory and political challenges facing career education, what improvements/innovations does the sector need to implement to remain a leader in higher education?

2) Please explain the innovations you’ve brought to (or observed in) career education. What led you to recognize the need for these innovations? What has been their impact on students and higher education?

3) What quality about career colleges or their students motivates you personally?


Read more below to find out his responses.


By Maureen Clary, Elite President / COO


What I enjoy about watching major sporting events isn’t motivated by who wins or loses but by observing how the best prepare to play the game at a World Class level. 


This article was written after watching the NBA 2015 Finals and the 2015 World Cup championship. 


Read more below.

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