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Here are just a few of our partner schools that have benefited from Elite Consultant service solutions most recently.  Scan down to see what other industry leaders are saying about Elite's impact in the industry.We take great pride in helping others get and achieve what they want.


“Each campaign/project they have worked on have produced excellent results. His training style is second to none.”

Kim Miles, Director of Admissions at Meridian College


"I remember when Richard Costa gave a speech at one of the graduation ceremonies at Beckfield College, he received a thunderous standing ovation from students and staff. He inspires people to be great!"

Criston Smith, Former Student & Present CEO at Fitnext Studios

"I'm leaving [this training] motivated to setting goals individually and planning on how to do it!"

Susan Ardoin, Director of Admissions at Delta Tech

"Richard always appreciated his role, no matter the need. He can immediately impact others through his winning attitude, motivational spirit and knowledge and focus to the task at hand."

David Ruggieri, Former CEO of Florida Technical College   


"Elite provides the blue print for both our adult and high school admissions strategies and processes."
Michael Rouzzo, Director of Admissions at TDDS Technical School

“Bill is the pluperfect admission trainer. He believes strongly in his approach and teaches it in the most positive terms. Reps respond well to his teaching and oversight once they have experienced the successful methodology he has taught them.”

Ken Miller, Former Director of Trumbull Business College


“Bill Clary has built an excellent reputation by effectively managing and consulting with admissions and marketing teams for many years. Maureen’s mystery shopping program is extremely timely and worth considering for anyone needing to add an outside independent layer of compliance enforcement.”

Mitch Talenfeld, CEO – MDT Direct


"I have enjoyed collaborating with Maureen these 3+ years on our shopper calls. She is always flexible when we need to make adjustments to the process and she has valuable thoughts and ideas that she is willing to share."

Natalie Nixon, VP of Admissions at American Sentinel University


"Elite's training, consulting and availability are second to none. The training manual is easy to follow and directly on track with each phase of the process."
David Loughry, Corporate Director of Admissions at Johns Hopkins University


"I have had the opportunity to work with Bill on several of the same clients over the years. Bill is a true professional and expert when it comes to working with Admissions. His ability to identify opportunities to increase efficiencies quickly is second to none."
Sean Pittman, President at The Pittman Group & Pro Academix


"Maureen is a professional and inspirational person. She has a great energy and you feel that in her work. She loves what she does and she does it well!!"

Bridget Duffy, Managing Director - Beauty Schools Marketing Group


"Bill has a broad depth of experience and practical insights that are beneficial in the areas of advertising and sales processes. He operates with integrity and professionalism at all times, and is a pleasure to work with."

Kevin Keller, Managing Partner at K Plus Investments, LP; and President & CEO at Pathway Career Education Group


"We have utilized Elite's admissions and advertising expertise since 2000. Their ethical approach and results are unmatched in the industry.  Bill brought an inspiring attitude and never imagined desire to accomplish what was once believed to be not achievable.  I would recommend Elite to anyone!"
Robert Holt, President of Timberline 1 Management


“This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.  I enjoyed the interaction skills.”

Rita DeVane, Director of Admissions @ Tidewater Tech

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