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Education Solutions


With over 105 years of combined experience in the for-profit, private higher education space, we have experienced it all! Elite Consultants provide service solutions to any new or established college in its areas of expertise, which includes:

• Institutional Accreditation (ACICS, ACCSC, ABHES, ACCET)
• Programmatic Accreditation (CAAHEP, ABHES)
• State licensing
• Optimization of existing programs both Ground and On-line
• Preparation for DOE Program Reviews or accreditation site visits
• Due diligence for the purchase or acquisition of schools
• School closure planning and execution
• Campus management - nexus best practices

• School specific Team Building  and Communication

• Student Satisfaction and Accountability
• Operations management and Staff development

• Student Outcomes improvement plans  

• Student scheduling optimization


In addition, three areas come to mind that offer a great deal of value for any school:

  • Short 1-2 hour Leadership Workshops that elevate a student’s attitude and involvement

  • Analysis of  Clearinghouse files to determine what processes need to be adjusted to ensure all data is reported correctly  

  • Accreditation reports/visit preparation and support


We have clients throughout the United States, Canada and spread out throughout the globe. Elite believes in building client relationships, a hands-on consulting approach ensuring that each school receives the customized support they need and the respect they deserve. We save schools time, money, and frustration, while improving outcomes and efficiencies. At Elite Consultants our mission is to empower schools and colleges to realize their visions.

If your college has a need that is not listed above, contact us. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to somebody that can!

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Changing Accreditors
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Accreditation & Licensing
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Academic Solutions
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FA & Records Management
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New Start Up Schools
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Acquisitions & Closures

"Lisa has an amazing wealth of knowledge about the career college industry. She understands the measures that are critical for a school's success and establishes processes to meet those goals. Her understanding of people gives her the ability to build teams that work together to provide the best possible service to her constituents."

Scott Reynolds, Higher Education Administrator

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