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Education Solutions


Elite understands that opening a new school can be complicated and confusing! Elite offers comprehensive services with fast turnaround times. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to somebody that can.

State licensing Services

  • Assist in writing applications for state licensing.

  • Prepare for site visits.

  • Conduct market research and feasibility studies.

Academic Services

  • Program development.

  • Curriculum development.

  • Completion of faculty development plans.

  • Scheduling 

Operational Services

  • Creation of catalog, handbooks, forms, disclosures, P&P manuals, etc.

  • New employee training and team building.

  • Development of student attendance, grade reporting, and payment tracking systems.

  • Develop, implement and train on processes and procedures to position school to grow efficiently and effectively.

"I am pleased to make a recommendation to any school to utilize Elite Consultants team of expert professionals. Over the past 5 plus years I've needed their guidance in several areas and have been extremely satisfied with the results. Elite is always quick to respond, with on point solutions." 

Ken Miller, Retired College President, Higher Education

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Changing Accreditors
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Accreditation & Licensing
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Academic Solutions
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FA & Records Management
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New Start Up Schools
business, technology and office concept
Acquisitions & Closures
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