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Maureen is the President and COO of Elite.  She has committed 20+ years to Higher Education services. Maureen's highly involving in our mystery shopping services (phone and interview) and campus assessments.  She is committed to excellence by providing superior services that expose compliance concerns while at the same time giving management tools that impact professional growth and development. "I take a great deal of pride providing our clients with the services, solutions and correctable proof required for overall performance improvement."

She goes on to say that Elite has evolved, "we now have the experts to address any client need and solve the many challenges a school or education as a whole are facing. We place a high priority on building long lasting client relationships by staying transparent and delivering extraordinary results."

Maureen attended East Carolina University and later the University of South Carolina. 

Specialties:  Admissions Compliance/Training Aids-Mystery Phone and/or Interview Shopping; Compliance/Performance Assessments; Student Retention Solutions; Supports all other Service Solutions; Company Operations


How do measure your success in education?


  • It's always gratifying to see how much a school and staff improves after receiving our services 

  • By the relationships we've made with a large number of clients that utilize our services year after year  

  • Seeing a clients conversion rates raise far above expectations

  • Being highly recognized by professionals throughout the industry as truly providing "elite" solutions 


What excites or concerns you about higher education? 

That despite industry challenges there's a certain resolve and commitment now to right the ship, so to speak, make the necessary adjustments and keep impacting lives.  


No matter how much technology is involved in the industry that education leadership never compromises the value of professional development. People make the difference for inspiring others to do great things.


Name a few of your other passions or hobbies?

I enjoy working out daily, cardio and weights.  I'm probably a little more obsessed than most as after competing for years in bodybuilding I'm still driven to compete in powerlifting events.

Also, being the eldest of 10 children equates to a lot of weekend family time.

Maureen Clary, President / COO


David Ruggieri, former CEO of Florida Technical College

I needed to work with someone who I felt not only got it, but understood the underlying implications of both admissions management as well as admissions training. Maureen was my choice, and as it turned out, a good choice. I have continued to work with her on different projects and she has not disappointed me in both her talent and tenacity.

Natalie Nixon, VP of Admissions at American Sentinel University

I have enjoyed collaborating with Maureen these 3+ years on our shopper calls. She is always flexible when we need to make adjustments to the process and she has valuable thoughts and ideas that she is willing to share.

Tom Kartelias, SVP, Education Affiliates

Elite is quick to respond, uses skilled and professional shoppers and promptly provides quality recordings and transcripts so that we may react to specific areas of opportunities of our employees.

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