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Bill Clary, Founder / CEO

Bill Clary, Elite's founder and CEO, is a highly respected 30+ year veteran of Higher Education. He is truly an industry visionary and pace setter who is driven by what Elite has meant to the over 500 colleges and 5,000 education professionals. Bill places a premium on integrity and professionalism and Elite reflects those values.  "Relationships are based on transparency and trust, we repay your trust by owning our results, by putting our emphasis on mastering our industries Best Practices and exceeding your needs and objectives."   

His background: Executive Admissions & Marketing Leadership; Corporate Strategic Planner & Trainer; Corporate Management Consultant; Campus Leadership Trainer; Staff Admissions Trainer, Creator of various Manuals focused on Inspiring Admissions Professional Development and Best Practices - Plus.

Bill earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Malone University.

Specialties: Involved with all service solutions: Admissions & Marketing Strategic Planning; Compliance Services & Assessments; Management / Leadership Development/ Support; Admissions Training, Coaching, Mentoring; Mystery Shopping Evaluation; Talent Management Consulting-Client & Candidate Solutions; Guest Speaker


How do you measure your success in education?


  • I have been blessed to spend the majority of my professional life in higher education. Through the years my role may have evolved but my mission remained make a positive impact on students and employees alike. The outcome of my efforts is easily measured by student success stories, institutional growth, graduation rates, employee improvement metrics and by following the individual growth and development of those education professionals that we have trained. 

  • The shear number of employees I've had the opportunity to train, coach and mentor (over 5,000 and counting) speaks volumes on the amount of trust and belief leaders in higher education have in my ability to connect with and develop talent.   

  • Founding Elite Consultants and exceeding our client/partner satisfaction is simply a measurement we expect every time we provide any educational service. We have not disappointed!   

  • Bringing together a strong team of Elite experts who are truly committed to higher education, the tremendous impact and services they perform. Proudly I can say more than 500 schools and colleges have benefited from what we do better and longer than any other company throughout the industry.    


What excites you about higher education? 

Several things:

Today, professionals throughout higher education see the value Elite makes and what we deliver in the form of "Best Practices in Higher Education".  Higher education leaders have recognized, now more than ever, the important role we all have in maintaining the integrity of our great industry.      


Rather than merely looking at a conversion metrics to determine a persons value to an admission teams overall success.  We now see an increasing need for training and coaching the detail that influences metric tendencies. The positive effect, an empowered professional and greater results. 


The 21st century has brought great technological change but there's now a renewed perspective on the high standards and methods in which all business is conducted. With Elite's innovative solutions our experts are excited to be a partner of higher education for today and for many years to come.


Name a few of your other passions or hobbies?

I'm passionate about helping others experience success even in my personal life, specifically youth sports and assisting in special needs events to name a few.

After playing and managing a semi-pro baseball team I was honored by being inducted into the Roy Hobbs Baseball HOF. 

I oversee an international powerlifting federation, a sport I both competed in and promoted for many years. Though I'm still not competing I still habitually get to the gym 4-5 days per week.


Michael Platt, former Founder & Owner of Plattform Advertising

Bill is simply the best, roll up your sleeves and jump in, admissions trainer in the business. Three decades I have known Bill, and I have seen him leave legacies of strong admissions practices everywhere he has been. I have also seen the work of most of the other industry contest.

Robert C. Holt, President of Timberline 1 Management Group

We have utilized Elite's admissions and advertising expertise since 2000. Their ethical approach and results are unmatched in the industry.  Bill brought an inspiring attitude and never imagined desire to accomplish what was once believed to be not achievable.  I would recommend Elite to anyone!

Susan Ardoin, Director of Admissions at Delta Tech

I'm leaving Elite's admissions training motivated  and with a clear goal setting strategy  and plan on how to achieve it!

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