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Higher Education Best Practices & Solutions

We understand fully the challenges you face trying to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  We provide controllable strategies that work even during a pandemic. 

Increase your Brand exposure, develop a unique visual presence and deliver the virtual presence that the best results require!

Our high powered admissions training, coaching and consulting solutions address any of your performance needs by delivering the right expert, service or approach that elevates potential and exceeds your objectives.

NOW AVAILABLE!  Virtual / Remote Admissions training. COVID-19 has changed the landscape of how we enroll students.

Though we're undergoing a worldwide pandemic the education environment still demands certain checks and balances. Elite's compliance services provide the detail that's necessary for maintaining a compliant environment while at the same time giving management great coaching tools.

We understand the key elements and barriers facing leadership during these challenging times. We offer custom fit solutions during this pandemic that will maximize team and individual productivity. Our learning tools and visuals can be the instruments you and your staff need to stay great!

Elite Admissions


Virtual/Remote Admissions!!

Elite Consultants Inc. is ahead of the admissions curve when it comes to creating innovative and highly productive solutions to achieve maximum results.  

Today we face a coronavirus pandemic like the world has never seen. Our entire country, including higher education, has undergone a shift from the "normal" we've always know to the restrictions and challenges we face today during this pandemic.  

Adjust we have...

  • Elite are experts in a wide range of admission processes. This includes online or virtual/remote admissions strategy and methodology.

  • Our easy to virtual/remote training system comes with a manual and live video conference coaching sessions.    

  • Compliance Service Solutions have been a great tool to ensure compliance standards are maintained and admissions processes on point.

  • Marketing Strategy...the new normal.

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