“I wholeheartedly endorse Richard Costa in all areas of Higher Education. He would make an outstanding partner in any consulting, training or interim role you need his expertise.” 
Diane Wolfer, President/CFO

Beckfield College

"I have learned much from Mr. Costa, processes, work ethic, passion, leadership tools and a thorough understanding of my ability to be successful."

Miriam Lopez,

Assistance Admissions Director

Richard is Elite's VP of Training/Consulting Services.  We are thrilled to have Richard on our Elite team of experts after spending the past 20+ years in the higher education field as a School President, Regional Director of Admissions and Campus, High School & Online Director of Admissions.  Richard has been described by clients, former co-workers and staff as extremely passionate about education as well as the people he has and will benefit from his vast amount of experience, professional insight and leadership. 

Education Background:

>Masters degree in Education, specializing in Enrollment and Student Retention Management

>Bachelor degree in Business/Marketing 

Specialty Areas:

  • Departmental Leadership and/or Staff Team Building, Training, Coaching and Mentoring

  • Higher Education: Ground, Hybrid and Online

  • Marketing Strategic Planning and Training to Inspire Personally Developed Inquiries

  • Training tools and methods to Maximize Conversion Results

  • Compliance/Performance Assessments or Audits

  • Student Retention Management

  • Call Center R & D / Management

  • Integrating Resource Planning

  • Accreditation and Licensing, Budget Prep, P & L Management, KPI Implementation

  • Dedicated Short-Term/Interim Leadership Role

  • Ongoing Consulting and Support in all areas of Education

  • Supports all other Elite Service Solutions


How do measure your impact on higher education?


  • Every time I attend a graduation ceremony and watch the display of pride shown by the students and their friends and families   

  • Witnessing the success stories a large number of the education professionals I trained, coached or mentored have enjoyed

  • Exceeding a clients expectation levels 

  • Waking up every day feeling excited and energized about the opportunity I have to be a positive influence people's lives  

What excites or concerns you about higher education? 

I'm excited to know that school owners and managers need and appreciate our line of support services along with the various roles fill to ensure everyone wins.   

I'm concerned any time I see a school becoming so dependent upon their automated systems that they minimize the importance of admission, departmental and student engagement.     


Name a few of your other passions or hobbies?

I enjoy working out daily, cardio and weights.  I'm probably a little more obsessed than most as I have competed in bodybuilding. Establishing and maintaining good nutritional habits is a high priority.


Richard Costa, VP of Training/Consulting