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"Lisa Bacon is a superior auditor  of compliance and regulatory data. Her keen eye and innate curiosity powers her to be exceptional.  Lisa only  excepts excellence from herself. 

She delivers accuracy consistently!"

Barbara Holliman 


Fortis College

“Lisa Bacon, the purest essence of organizational and leadership talent in the Education Industry today.  A servants heart and communication skills of a master allows Lisa to motivate others to reach new heights in development and success making Lisa Best of The Best! “

Dr. Terry L. Mimms

Education Sales Manager 

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Lisa Bacon has joined the Elite team of experts after spending the past 30+ years in higher education in various positions including School President, Regional Director of Education, Director of Education, Director of Career Services, Director of Admissions and Instructor.  Over the years Lisa has been charged with start-ups, established, and turn-around schools, with student populations ranging from 0 to 2000+. Lisa has experience in a wide variety of programs ranging from Diploma to Masters, and has encompassed many different industries including Healthcare, Automotive, Technology, and Hospitality. Lisa has been described by her managers, peers, and staff as a true leader with the ability to clearly communicate a vision and establish goals to accomplish that vision.  Her understanding of people gives her the ability to build teams that work together to provide the best possible service to their constituents. Her ethics and ability to connect with people are what have always kept her staff and students doing their best possible work.


Education Background:

  • Bachelor Degree in Biology from Ithaca College

  • Diploma Computer Programming from The Chubb Institute


Specialty Areas:

  • Departmental Leadership, Staff Team Building, Training, Coaching and Mentoring

  • Training tools and methods to maximize student outcomes and accountability

  • Compliance/Performance Assessments and/or Audits

  • Process improvements and recommendations based on Assessment/Audit findings

  • Student Retention Management

  • Accreditation and Licensing

  • Scheduling to maximize logistical efficiencies with solid educational experience

  • Budget Preparation

  • P & L Management

  • Organizational and Departmental KPI Implementations with Measurement


How do I measure my impact on higher education? 

  • Witnessing the career success and growth of the numerous higher education professionals I have trained, coached, and mentored over the years.

  • Through building true teams that continue to thrive long after I have moved onto another project.

  • Seeing students, whom I have impacted, graduate and use their education to truly change their lives. 

  • Developing and Implementing processes and systems that positively impact the overall experience of the staff and students. Measured by increased student success as well as staff and student satisfaction.

What excites or concerns me about higher education? 

I'm excited to know that education continues to change and evolve to meet the needs of our transforming world, and I am excited to help schools maximize their potential which allows them to focus on the changing needs of their students.

I'm concerned any time I work with a school that is not properly leveraging their systems to handle the day to day details of a higher education institution, utilizing precious time that should be focused on really knowing and meeting the needs of their students.  In today’s day and age, a school’s systems need to handle the daily, weekly, monthly and annual details and reminders; allowing school personnel the time to form positive productive relationships with their students. 


Name a few of your other passions or hobbies?

I enjoy spending time at the beach, walking, swimming, collecting shells and just enjoying the views, but my passion is my family.  Even though we may be spread out across the country, nothing lights up my life like them.


Lisa Bacon, VP Edu Solutions